Obrist Powertrain teams with ZF

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EVs are characterized by their near silent operation, something that Austrian engineering company Obrist Powertrain is hoping to replicate with its series hybrid ‘HyperHybrid’ system. The concept is based on a low-vibration generator, coupled to a small Li-ion battery pack, and now, driving the latest generation of ZF eDrive.

The company said that the latest technology demonstrator it has constructed, the Mark II, is able to operate at a real-world fuel consumption of 2.93l/100km and 7kWh. The concept hinges on a novel, 999cc, IC engine concept. This utilizes twin, counter-rotating crankshafts in order to cancel out vibrations and is paired with two, similarly counter-rotating generator units. This system has an output of 85kW, and feeds power to a 17.3kWh battery pack, capable of 110kW continuous power output.

Obrist Powertrain will now equip its future demonstrator vehicles with ZF eDrives, which will give the potential to achieve greater efficiency than the current Tesla-based traction motor.

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