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American powerhouse

American powerhouse

As engineers strive to save the IC engine for as long as possible through the implimentation of new technologies, America has taken a decidely old school approach with its new performance models. And the world is a better place for it.

Variable compression

Variable compression

Has Infiniti’s VC-Turbo configuration engine saved the IC gasoline engine as we know it? And will variable compression ratio technology revolutionise the automotive industry?

View from the East

View from the East

As expected, Hyundai-Kia’s Albert Biermann was full of good stories on stuff he’s learned during his short time in Korea; many off-the-record, and a few on…

A convenient distraction

Shouting louder than others isn’t quite the way to get your point across, particularly if you’re already on the back foot as a manufacturer

Double threat

Actor, writer and Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International columnist Robert Lewellyn looks back at two recent test drives that have caught his attention

Downsizing? Sure. Just not at Geneva 2016

Downsizing is good, they said; downsizing needs to be embraced, they said; and downsizing is a way of life, they said, like it or not. And with that, we all accepted the new world order and got on with it 


ETi columnist and editor-in-chief Dean Slavnich offers his opinion on the ever increasing media hype around the VW emissions controversy

Test driving the past

Engine + Powertrain Technology International journalist Sam Burnett thinks about the exciting opportunity of the next generation of vehicles

Talking turbos

Engine + Powertrain Technology International columnist Michael Taylor explains why it’s hard for him to single out the best turbocharged engines

Evolutionary process

Jog Lall, sales and marketing director at Eminox, looks at the implications of the soon to be introduced Stage V emission standards for diesel engines used in new non-road vehicles and equipment.