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911 GT2 RS 3.8-litre six-cylinder twin-turbo boxer engine

Box clever

In a revelation that may not be news to regular readers, I’m the kind of…

Just one more won't hurt...

Just one more won’t hurt…

Many moons ago now, I sat at a table overlooking a lake in Austria. We’d just finished driving a Lexus LS something or other and the head of transmissions was regaling us with stories of his breakthrough 8-speed auto. This was, of course, back in the days when six cogs was all the rage and ZF ruled the roost.

A rather cyclical future....

A rather cyclical future….

Despite society’s fervent march toward an all-electric future, Graham Johnson ponders whether ill-advised political decisions mean the environment will be no closer to being saved

Freedom isn't free...

Freedom isn’t free…

Freedom of speech is a double edged sword; it allows us all to express ourselves openly, yet there are those in the mainstream media who continually use it to the detriment of others…particularly OEMs.

Sounds of silence

Sounds of silence

The electrification of the automotive industry will kill off the exhaust note. When so many engineers lament this prospect, how and why are they currently getting it so wrong? 

Enough's enough?

Enough’s enough?

As the automotive industry continues to turn to electrification, how much longer should OEMs continue to improve the IC engine ponders Greg Offer…

Marketing, done correctly

Marketing, done correctly

Do you have to have owned one Alfa Romeo to be considered a ‘car guy’? Graham Johnson ponders that if that is the case, then why has its range been so poor for so long? 

Tight future for the fanbelt?

Tight future for the fanbelt?

Has time been called on the humble fanbelt? As 48v systems and ISGs begin to increase in popularity, Michael Taylor seems to think that maybe it has…

American powerhouse

American powerhouse

As engineers strive to save the IC engine for as long as possible through the implimentation of new technologies, America has taken a decidely old school approach with its new performance models. And the world is a better place for it.

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