Hyundai and Kia to introduce connected transmission shift technology


Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Motors Corporation have developed an information and communication (ICT) technology connected transmission shift system, enabling vehicles to automatically shift to the optimal gear depending the road and traffic conditions ahead.

The ICT Connected Shift System uses intelligent software in the transmission control unit (TCU) to collect and interpret real-time input from underlying technologies, including 3D navigation, as well as cameras and radars for smart cruise control.

The 3D navigation input includes elevation, gradient, curvature and a variety of road events, as well as current traffic conditions. Radar detects the speed and distance between the vehicle and others, and a forward-looking camera provides lane information.

Using these inputs, the TCU predicts the optimal shift scenario for real-time driving situations through an artificial intelligence algorithm and shifts the gears accordingly. The Korean OEM hopes that the ICT Connected Shift System will deliver improved fuel efficiency and a stable driving experience.

“Vehicles are evolving beyond simple mobility devices into smart mobility solutions,” said Byeong Wook Jeon, head of the intelligent drivetrain control research lab for Hyundai Motor Group. “Even a traditional area of the automobile, such as the powertrain, is becoming a high-tech technology optimized for smart mobility through efforts to integrate ICT and artificial intelligence technologies.”


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