Cost-effective T21WN torque transducer introduced by HBM


Test and measurement solutions provider HBM Test and Measurement (HBM) has introduced its new T21WN torque transducer, which is based on strain-gauge technology and uses contactless energy and measurement signal transmission to measure torque.

The torque transducer enables demanding static and dynamic measurements of torque, rotational speed, and angle of rotation to be performed on non-rotating as well as rotating components. It is ideal for laboratory, test shop and testing applications as well as for use in production and process monitoring and quality assurance.

Apart from the torque output signal of +/-10V at nominal (rated) torque, it also provides a standard frequency output signal of 10kHz +/- 5kHz. The T21WN torque transducer is available with nominal (rated) torques ranging between 0.1Nm and 200Nm.

The maximum permissible rotational speed of the torque measuring system is up to 20,000rpm, depending on the measurement range. An integrated rotational speed/angle of rotation measuring system with 360 pulses per revolution completes the transducer and can be used up to the specified maximum nominal (rated) rotational speed without restrictions.

The transducer is supplied with the 24V direct voltage common in test benches and is suitable for use in substantially more dynamic applications than the preceding T20WN model due to its measurement bandwidth of 1kHz and a broader range of functions.


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