GRAS Sound & Vibration develops rugged measurement microphone

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GRAS Sound & Vibration UK has launched a new automotive measurement microphone. The 146AE is designed to be shock, dust and oil mist resistant – helping manufacturers meet industry NVH performance requirements by delivering accurate measurement data in extreme conditions.

The measurement microphone has been developed for a range of automotive applications, including in-car dynamic measurement, tire testing, on-track and acoustic and vibrational transfer function.

It can also be used in high-temperature, under-bonnet testing, in transmission tunnels for gearbox or differential related noise and noise within the cabin.

Designed for extreme conditions commonly found in automotive application testing, the 146Ae is shock and drop resistant, resistant to water and oil, as well as being rated as IP67-rated dust-proof.

The system is also dust, water and high-speed particle protected with a replaceable filter grid. The GRAS technology can also be used at temperatures up to 125°C (257°F), making it ideal for engine compartment measurements, and transmissions, exhaust and brake noise tests.

Offering precise data, the 146AE boasts a frequency and dynamic range from IEC compatible 0.5in measurement microphones of between 3.15Hz and 20kHz, between 18dB(A) and 138dB and 50mV/Pa.

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