FEV opens EV environmental testing facility

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FEV is now offering a complete electric powertrain testing service, enabling manufacturers to test a variety of components under a range of challenging environmental conditions that parts face during a vehicle’s lifetime.

Located near Leipzig, Germany, the 42,000m² test facility, named the eDLP, or e-Dauerlauf Prüfzentrum (e-Duration Test Center), is the world’s largest development and endurance test center. It has the capability to carry out abuse testing alongside performance and durability tests on around 70 test systems, and has 15 stations dedicated to common testing of high-voltage EV batteries, standard electronics and other common parts. The testing capability of the eDLP includes negative pressure tests, chemical testing and IP protection class tests, and standard vehicle components can also undergo testing.

The eDLP is capable of running test rigs 24/7, ensuring customers have a continuous flow of information and that components are processed efficiently. Test runs can be followed live by clients via connected test benches, and subsequently, the same customers can then be present virtually when component findings are released or discussed.

When building the facility, FEV ensured testbeds and equipment would meet the requirements of ISO 16750 (Road Vehicles – Environmental conditions and testing for electrical and electronic equipment) and UN Standard 38.3. The company states that all of the test rigs meet or exceed the requirements for testing standards in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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