Hyzon strengthens partnership with TotalEnergies

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USA-based hydrogen mobility provider Hyzon Motors has signed  a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to strengthen an existing commercial relationship with TotalEnergies, as the two companies look to reinforce a shared commitment to developing hydrogen refueling and vehicle supply solutions for the long-haul transportation sector in Europe.

Through a collaborative effort, Hyzon and TotalEnergies plan to help fleet owners transition to using renewable hydrogen fuels by combining the duo’s existing infrastructures and technologies. At present, TotalEnergies operates over 15,500 service stations around the world, while Hyzon currently has hydrogen refueling stations and hydrogen-powered vehicles in operation.

Under the MoU, the pair will collaborate on developing ecosystems, with the goal of securing the production of 80 hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks for TotalEnergies’ French customers by 2023.

With trials planned, Hyzon seeks to provide prospective customers with hydrogen fuel cell trucks at a low cost of ownership when compared with traditional diesel-powered alternatives.

“At TotalEnergies, we are convinced that hydrogen is a mobility solution of the future. That is why TotalEnergies Ventures previously invested in Hyzon Motors,” commented John Wilson, vice president, gas mobility, marketing and services division, TotalEnergies.

“The announcement today takes that relationship further, giving the company a leverage to expand the reach of hydrogen in the commercial vehicle market in Europe. To achieve our climate ambition of net zero emissions by 2050, together with society, hydrogen fuel cell-powered trucks must come to market. We are therefore excited about this partnership with Hyzon.”

TotalEnergies is also a member of the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, a group put together to accelerate global development of the hydrogen ecosystem. 

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