Aiways strengthens partnership with Blue World Technologies


Aiways and Blue World Technologies have partnered in the development and production of methanol fuel cell technology. Methanol fuel cell technologies promise battery range of up to 1000km depending on driving conditions.

Alexander Klose, executive vice president of overseas operations at Aiways, said, “Our move to forge closer ties with Blue World Technologies is a demonstration of our brand’s ambition to drive the development of innovative mobility solutions.

“The collaboration and engineering innovations already realized on the Gumpert Aiways Nathalie will convince all critics, that battery electric passenger cars can compete against conventional powered cars in terms of range. We have never been closer to overcome this prejudice than now.”

A high-temperature methanol fuel cell, like hydrogen, uses a combination of hydrogen and oxygen as the ultimate source of energy, while pure water is a by-product. The use of methanol brings hydrogen production into the car, thus avoiding the transport challenges associated with storing compressed hydrogen at 700 bar.

Methanol can also be sustainably produced from renewable resources such as biomass or from energy sources such as from solar, wind and hydro-electric.

Major developments include a cost reduction in order to make fuel cells affordable and lower the overall cost of the electrical vehicle, as well as making the fuel cell small and durable enough for usage.

Besides using a worldwide available fuel, the methanol fuel cell has zero harmful emissions, which will help negate problems associated with air pollution.

Anders Korsgaard, CEO at Blue World Technologies, added, “Our cooperation with the forward thinking Aiways Group will be followed by a major step to extend the range of battery-electric passenger cars.”


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