Ram 1500 TRX unveiled with 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 engine

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The all-new Ram 1500 TRX has been unveiled and will feature a 6.2-liter supercharged Hemi V8 engine. The half-ton pickup is engineered to offer extreme performance, class-leading quality, comfort and durability, according to the American marque.

Rated at 702hp and 881Nm of torque, the engine is said to power the Ram TRX to a top speed of 118mph. Combined with a high-torque-capacity TorqueFlite 8-speed automatic transmission, the Ram TRX can apparently achieve 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds and the quarter mile in 12.9 seconds at 108mph.

The high-performance 6.2-liter engine delivers top output for extended driving sessions without degradation in performance, according to Ram. A new dual-path air induction system ensures the powertrain receives a steady supply of clean, cool air regardless of inbound dirt and debris.

The Ram TRX uses two paths to draw in outside air and routes it to a large, 29-liter air box that filters out dirt, sand, debris and water before entering the engine. The dual-path system pulls in outside air from a functional scoop in the hood and the upper edge of the grille. Air entering the grille flows to the bottom front of the air box, guided by tailored panels. The hood scoop ducts air to the bottom rear of the air box via ports that seal to the hood when it is closed. An air box support bar is precision-mounted in the engine compartment during vehicle assembly to ensure the hood intake seals to the air box ducts to prevent engine-heated air from entering the system.

Directing incoming air to the bottom of the air box helps dirt and water settle out before the air reaches the filter elements, ensuring that the Ram TRX can perform in tough conditions. A one-way drain in the bottom of the air box evacuates water even when the vehicle is moving. Intake air is drawn upward from the box through twin, heavy-duty air filters that provide 198.4in of filter surface area, four times the dust trapping capacity when compared with the closest competitor, to remove any residual dust or sand before the air is ducted. Unfolded, the filter surface medium covers 13.3ft.

The engine air intake system has been engineered to clear out water ingress, while the 2021 Ram TRX benefits from up to 32in inches of water fording, It is also rated up to 8,100 lb towing and a maximum payload capacity of 1,310 lb.

The entire Ram TRX intake system is engineered to minimize power-robbing air restrictions while ensuring only clean, cool air reaches the engine. Industry-standard testing shows that the Ram TRX far exceeds any competitor in the amount of time it can ingest dirty air and debris before performance is diminished. The Ram TRX’s air box is mounted at the top of the engine, making it easy to access should the owner choose to field-clean the high-performance filter elements.

To best match gear selection and shift points to the driver’s demands, the TorqueFlite 8HP95 8-speed automatic transmission monitors inputs, such as engine torque gradients, throttle kick-down, longitudinal and lateral acceleration, detection of friction, downshifts and road grade. This high-torque-capacity, 8-speed transmission delivers quick acceleration and precise, crisp, quick gear changes, according to Ram, enhancing ride quality with consistent performance and drivability.

Launch Control is standard with the new Ram TRX and manages tire slip while launching the vehicle to give the driver consistent straight-line acceleration. Wheel speed sensors watch for driveline-damaging wheel hop at launch and, in milliseconds, provide inputs to the powertrain control module to modify the engine torque to regain full grip.

The Ram TRX is also equipped with Jump Detection, which uses wheel-speed and ride-height sensors and accelerometers at each corner to identify when the vehicle is airborne and acts to prevent driveline-damaging power spikes. Acting in milliseconds, Jump Detection modifies engine speed and torque, gear selection, transfer case torque split, damping rates and other powertrain and suspension components through the landing to deliver optimum performance.

The pickup uses performance-tuned software to pre-configure and distinguish five dynamic modes – Auto, Sport, Tow, Snow and Custom – enabling drivers to choose a vehicle setting that ideally meets their requirements and ambient conditions. The drive modes separately control the four-wheel-drive system, throttle response, transmission, paddle shifters, suspension and the electric power steering. All modes use active slip control that prevents binding and excessive slip from front to rear.

Ram claims that the TRX can reach up to 100mph off-road and relies on a four-wheel disc brake system and a hydraulic compensation unit to enhance brake pedal feel and performance during emergency maneuvers.

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