Mazda reveals updated e-Skyactiv powertrains for 2021 vehicles

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Mazda has announced that 2021 variants of the CX-30 and the Mazda3 will be fitted with an updated version of the company’s Skyactiv-X SPCCI (Spark Controlled Compression Ignition) petrol engine, or Skyactiv-X for short.

The improved powertrain is a 2.0-liter I4 capable of producing 186ps at 6,000rpm, and a maximum torque of 240Nm at 4,000rpm, marking an increase of 6ps and 16Nm respectively compared with previous variants. Engine efficiency has also been improved, with CO2 emissions reduced by 5-11g/km depending on vehicle model.

The SPCCI also features revisions to the compression ratio, having been adjusted from 16.3:1 to 15.0:1, alongside optimization of the combustion control system, modified pistons and updates to the hybrid system software. With these changes, Mazda says it has achieved a broader operating band of combustion efficiency, enabling the Skyactiv-X powertrain to deliver greater torque while also improving fuel economy. Adaptations have also been made to valve timing by way of a modified intake camshaft, resulting in a reduction in pumping losses and an increase in the engine’s heat ratio, culminating in improved fuel consumption.

Alongside the changes to the company’s combustion engine, Mazda’s hybrid system updates improve the reaction of the belt-driven ISG’s torque control, benefitting durability.

Commenting on the 2021 variants, Jeremy Thomson, managing director of Mazda UK, said, “Our SPCCI engine technology is part of our multi-solution approach to powertrains and sustainability that has also seen the introduction of Mazda M Hybrid in Mazda3 and Mazda CX-30, plus the launch of the Mazda MX-30 – our first battery-electric car. The updates to this technology with e-Skyactiv-X has further enhanced the unique blend of performance and efficiency offered by our Skyactiv-X technology.”

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