Maserati unveils I4 hybrid Ghibli

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Following the revelation that it will employ pre-chamber combustion technology in the upcoming MC20, Maserati has unveiled its latest version of the Ghibli will feature an I4 (using regular direct injection) engine coupled with a 48V mild hybrid system.

The hybrid system will be based on a 48V alternator unit, coupled with a battery pack, but rather than powering a motor connected directly to the driveline, this will instead control an electric supercharger. The alternator recovers energy under braking, while the electric supercharger will provide torque infill at low-RPM. To improve weight distribution, the system battery is located at the rear of the chassis.

Maserati said this provides a 25% fuel saving over the V6 gasoline-engined Ghibli, yet weights 80kg less than the diesel versions of the car. Details of the engine remain sparse, but the company said output will be 330bhp, with 450Nm of torque available from 1,500rpm.

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