GMA V12 set for higher output track-specific variant

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Following the launch of the roadgoing version of its T.50 hypercar, Gordon Murray Automotive has announced a track-specific version of the car, which will feature an extensively reworked version of the Cosworth supplied GMA V12 engine.

The company says that power of the 3.9 liter engine will exceed 700ps, thanks to revisions to the cylinder heads and camshafts, coupled with a higher compression ratio and new exhaust system.

Murray said, “With no noise or emission legislation to contend with, we could unleash the full potential of the GMA V12 engine and its 12,100rpm. More than 50 components have been changed in the engine alone and the power can top 730ps when factoring in the new ram-air induction system.”

The increase in performance is not solely related to mechanical changes; for example, the car’s roof-mounted ram-air inlet will be modified to stand proud to maximize intake of air above the car’s boundary layer. The new inlet design will generate a claimed 30ps of extra power as vehicle speed increases.

The track variant will also feature a new transmission; rather than a manual shift, what is billed as entirely new 6-speed IGS (Instantaneous Gearchange System) pre-selector gearchange system will be supplied by Xtrac.

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