Further details of Murray T.50 released

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Following Engine and Powertrain Technology International’s story last week looking at the impressive Cosworth GMA V12 engine fitted to Gordon Murray’s T.50, the car has now been officially launched, and further images of said engine released.

These provide the first look at the integrated 48V starter/generator, mounted to the front of the engine, as well as the Xtrac-developed, manual 6-speed transmission. The engine and gearbox are semi-structural, being mounted to the chassis.

The powertrain is attached using an inclined axis shear mounting system (IASA). This sees the engine sat on anti-vibration mounts to prevent unwanted noise and vibration entering the cabin, while enabling the effective management of braking, acceleration and cornering forces. According to Murray, this system saves 25kg of chassis weight at the rear of the T.50, compared with a traditional engine mounting system.

Also revealed during the car’s launch were more details on the engine’s various operating modes, including a ‘GT’ mode which limits revs to 9,000rpm and power output to 600bhp for ‘around town driving’.

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