Cadillac CT5 2020 sedan detailed


Cadillac has unveiled its new CT5 sedan. Powered by either a 2-liter twin-scroll turbo engine or Cadillac’s 3-liter twin-turbo V6, the sedan will generate between 240ps and 340ps. Both engine variants are paired with the OEM’s 10-speed automatic transmission.

This 2.0-liter propulsion system has been developed to offer responsive off-the-line performance with excellent low-end torque. The twin-scroll turbocharger and a unique three-step sliding camshaft help performance optimization across the RPM band for on-demand power at all speeds.

The 3-liter unit, which is available on premium luxury and sport models, is rated at an estimated 340ps and 542Nm of torque. Low-inertia turbochargers and a manifold-integrated liquid-to-air intercooling system help the engine produce sustained power across most of the RPM band, while minimizing lag.

Both powerplants employ direct injection, camshaft phasing, cylinder deactivation and automatic stop/start tech to balance performance, refinement and efficiency. Mechanical and electronic sound tuning is employed in the CT5 to improve driver experience, while helping to minimize unwanted cabin noise.


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