Skoda goes mild-hybrid

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Skoda has announced that the fourth-generation of its Octavia range is set to expand with the addition of a new, 1.0 e-TEC engine, representing the brand’s first mild-hybrid offering.

The Skoda e-TEC powertrain is based around a 48V Li-ion battery and a combined belt-driven starter-alternator. The 48V system allows the car to coast with the engine completely switched off for extended periods, with the electric motor maintaining power to essential systems such as the car’s power steering.

The hybrid system can also recover energy during braking and store it in the battery ,and support the combustion engine by providing it with an electric boost. A direct current converter (DC-DC) converts the voltage from the 48V battery to the 12V required for the vehicle’s electrical system.

Skoda states that its e-TEC hybrid technology further enhances the efficiency of the Octavia’s 1.0 TSI engine. This 110ps three-cylinder unit is already geared toward efficient operation; for example, thanks to careful balancing of the reciprocating components, a balancer shaft is not required as on many I3 engines.

It also features a variable vane geometry turbocharger, and operates using the fuel-efficient Miller combustion cycle, which helps increase low-RPM torque output. Furthermore, Skoda’s recent introduction of plasma-coated cylinder bores reduces friction compared with liners, while the company claims a fuel injection pressure of up to 350 bar ensures lower hydraulic losses and tighter control over the combustion process.

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