ENGINE EXPO LIVE NEWS: Engine downsizing trend to continue, claims Nipass

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Thermal insulation supplier Nipass believes the current engine downsizing trend within the industry will continue for a further decade.

Ivo Dittrich Jr, representative for Nipass, said, “I don’t think we’ve reached the limits of downsizing yet. OEMs will still push to make even smaller engines even more efficient, but it all comes down to the reliability. I think maybe in 10 years’ time we will have reached the limit.”

With OEMs continually looking for optimal performance and efficiency, exhaust temperatures are on the rise. Nipass, manufacturer of exhaust pipes, end pieces, silencers and mufflers, and insulation, has developed specialist exhaust insulation that can withstand temperatures up to 1,300°C (2,372°F).

On display at this year’s Engine Expo, the company’s ultra-thin insulation uses micro-porous insulation material to make it seven times thinner, making it ideal for insulating the smallest spaces.

Fiberglass insulation is able to insulate pipes for temperatures of up to 550°C (1,022°F). The company is also showcasing its ceramic-fiber insulation for temperatures of up to 1,300°C. For special applications, Nipass also promises insulation that is able to cater for higher temperatures.

“We believe that exhaust systems are only going to get hotter,” adds Dittrich Jr. “OEMs are still pushing for higher efficiency so that means smaller volume, bigger power and all of this means more heat output. You need to contain the heat somehow.”

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