Hydrogen the preferred option for German drivers

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Hydrogen is the favored alternative fuel for German motorists according to a survey by Deutsche Energie-Agentur (DENA), with 34% of respondents preferring the fuel over alternatives if available at the same price point. Overall, it found that 74% of drivers would opt for an alternative to gasoline or diesel power provided there was price parity. Interestingly, BEVs came in third (17%) after hydrogen and hybrids (18%).

These findings tally with the German government’s efforts to increase investment in hydrogen infrastructure, with it recently releasing a National Hydrogen strategy to further hydrogen production using renewable energy, as well as associated technologies.

Manufacturers seem less enthusiastic about the advancement of hydrogen vehicles, with Daimler halting development of the technology for passenger vehicles earlier this year. However, BMW has recently reiterated its commitment to fuel cell development for cars.

The commercial market looks more promising, with Mercedes Trucks continuing research into fuel cells (in collaboration with Volvo), and Hyundai (which has a German base) recently revealing it would ship 10 of its Xcient fuel cell, heavy-duty trucks to Switzerland.



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