Volkswagen and BP to expand ultra-fast-charge network

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Volkswagen and BP have agreed to collaborate on speeding up the deployment of ultra-fast EV charging points at a number of BP sites across the UK and Aral sites in Europe. The partnership believes that ultra-fast charging networks are becoming increasingly necessary to aid in the world’s adoption of EV technology.

A memorandum was signed stating the understanding between the pair, and it will be finalized in the next few months. BP has estimated that 90% of UK and German residents live within 20 minutes of a BP or an Aral station, and believe that having access to nearby chargers will increase consumer confidence in EVs and reduce range anxiety.

As part of the agreement, BP would become Volkswagen’s EV charging partner and subsequently see its charging network integrated into VW electric vehicles to enable drivers and customers to find and pay for charging quickly and efficiently. Drivers of other manufacturers’ EVs would have access to the same network under the BP pulse name, or Aral pulse as it is called in Germany.

“Together we can provide drivers in the UK and Europe with the fast, reliable and convenient charging solutions they need to feel more confident about making the switch. By deploying ultra-fast charging, rapidly and at large scale, we can establish a leading position and help accelerate the take-up of EVs,” explained Emma Delaney, executive vice president of customers and products, BP.

The proposed ultra-fast charging stations are capable of outputting more than 150kW and can provide an EV with an 160km of range in an estimated 10 minutes.

By 2030, BP aims to have more than 70,000 charging points internationally. Before the end of 2021, the company hopes to install 250 ultra-fast chargers at a range of BP sites in the UK, and 500 at Aral sites in Germany.

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