Vicinity Motor releases details of all-electric medium-duty truck

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Supplier of electric, CNG, gasoline and diesel vehicles Vicinity Motor has released details of its new VMC 1200, an all-electric Class 3 medium-duty commercial truck (pictured above). The vehicle’s electric powertrain consists of a 150kWh Li-ion battery pack capable of outputting 1,085Nm of torque and a range of 150 miles on a full charge. The vehicle also has a 2,722kg load capacity.

Canada-based Vicinity leveraged its own EV experience in cab-over design to make the vehicle suitable for urban environments, construction and delivery operations. A Level 3 fast charger will provide the VMC 1200 with a full charge in 2.5 hours, and a standard Level 2 charger will take 5 hours.

“Production of the vehicles is underway and commercial deliveries are scheduled to commence in the first quarter of 2022,” commented William Trainer, founder and CEO of Vicinity Motor. “Our sales team is already introducing the demonstration VMC 1200 model to our dealer network and is very pleased to see very strong interest in it. Due to expected heavy order flow for the VMC 1200, we have planned production levels of up to 1,000 units in 2022. We look forward to building a strong source of supplemental growth through this zero-emission line of medium-duty trucks to complement our full line of Vicinity Lightning and Classic buses.”

Recently, VMC announced that it will use Danfoss Editron drivetrain systems in its medium-duty fully electric Vicinity Lightning EV Bus. Featuring a Buy America Compliant 220kW motor and an Eaton multispeed transmission, the buses are also fitted with a digital Avionics controller and inverter to enable intelligent management of the vehicle’s operations. The drivetrain system weighs only 85kg, which is much lighter than some on the market, which can weigh 500kg.

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