Groupe PSA develops new L5e-category1 electric vehicle


Groupe PSA has built a prototype L5e-category1 electric car, developed under the European EU-Live consortium. Positioned between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments, it is equipped with a plug-in hybrid electric powertrain, two electric in-wheel motors and a petrol internal combustion engine.

One of the consortium’s main aims is to develop powertrains that can be applied in a range of L-category vehicles. The new EV can be used on all roads, with a total range of 300km and a top speed of 130km/h.

A special tilting mechanism provides excellent handling, making the vehicle as easy to drive as a three-wheel scooter. This and the roll-control technology account for more than half of the 13 patents filed by Groupe PSA. The system notably makes use of hydraulic components and hydropneumatic suspension.

The vehicle runs in zero-emission mode at a speed of up to 70km/h using two rear electric in-wheel motors developed by Elaphe and Brembo. The 48V electric battery designed by Samsung SDI can be recharged using regenerative braking technology. When driving on inter-urban roads at speeds of between 70 and 130km/h, the 31kW Peugeot Scooter single-cylinder petrol engine takes over the propulsion.

An extremely small footprint (2.4 x 0.85m) and rotating doors facilitate perpendicular parking and free up road space. As well as an enclosed, heated cabin, the vehicle is also equipped with seatbelts and an airbag, making helmets, gloves, waterproof jackets and other protective gear unnecessary.

“Groupe PSA has committed to protecting individual freedom of movement and EU-Live is an example of this. The new electrified light vehicle provides safe and sustainable mobility thanks to its zero-emission mode,” said Carla Gohin, senior VP for research and advanced engineering.


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