Mobile power for hungry EVs

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Charging electric vehicles in locations where electricity infrastructure may be lacking can prove challenging. In the case of Porsche, which is running a number of track experiences with its latest Taycan EV, the company has developed seven mobile charging trucks, in conjunction with German firm ads-tec.

Each truck, which contains battery packs charged from the gird, is capable of charging 10 Taycans at a time, with a total power output of 3.2MW. According to Porsche, provided the correct power interface is available, the trucks can be recharged in just four hours.

Porsche is not the only company developing portable power solutions. Toyota, in conjunction with mobile power generation specialist Denyo, has developed a fuel cell power supply vehicle that generates electricity from hydrogen. The electrified vehicle can deliver electricity when and where it’s needed, for a range of scenarios, including disaster-stricken areas without power.

According to the companies, verification tests of the system are beginning this month, with the aim of commercializing the vehicle. The fuel cell power supply vehicle is based on Toyota’s Dyna light-duty truck and is powered by the fuel cell system used by Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV). The vehicle uses fuel cell power supply equipment developed by Denyo under a program subsidized by Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. It carries approximately 65kg of hydrogen, stored in 27 hydrogen tanks.

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