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FEV Group is well established all over the world with 4 500 people and 130 test beds. FEV SA started with engineering testing services in 1989. The oldest center is based in Trappes, near Paris, and near the main French OEMs R&D centers. The latest test center, built in 2004, is located in Rouen, Normandy, one of the main areas for the Automotive Industry in France. FEV in France is also strongly involved in software and testing solutions, including the development and production of products. The first product launched was the MORPHEE Automation System, in 1989, for our test centers and then for OEMs. MORPHEE was the first automation system designed on Windows for personal computer. Then a complete product range for testing was built, now fully integrated in the FEV product range.


Within the BTT sales team, he (she) is responsible for:

  • Answering to the requests coming from FEV BT all over the world for equipment produced by BTT
  • Providing support to BTT Sales Engineers for the completion of the technical offers (he produces part of the cost breakdown sheets and supervises the parts calculated by experts from different BT experts or external companies
  • He (she) guarantees the capitalization of proposed solutions to various clients to ensure the consistency of our solutions deployed on the market and the highest reactivity for building our commercial offers.
  • He (she) is part of a cross functional team that includes all the engineers in charge of technical offers within BT all over the world. They all use the same tools and methodologies in order to easily exchange information and potentially be able to replace each other or work as a group for a large acquisition.

Competences & tasks

  • Know the principles of operation of test benches and their main components
  • Understand the process of building a test bench and associated costs / time plan
  • Use specific software for the function, but also common office tools
  • Receive and analyze tender documents and tenders (specifications, drawings, surveys …)
  • Consult the suppliers: build quote requests…
  • Perform the calculations (site visits, drawing analysis)
  • Write technical proposals
  • Participate to clarification meetings with customers

Occasional national and international travels have to be considered.

– Rigor, precision
– Well organizated
– Great sense of analysis
– Flexibility in task performance (he has to work on different projects during the same time period) and timetables (deadlines)
– Stress resistance
– Sense of responsibility
– Ability to work in team
– Good communication skills

The practice of English is essential

Required profile
Engineer with a good knowledge and a significant experience in automatization, industrial electricity and test benches.

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