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Enough's enough?
Volvo details its first climate-neutral facility

Swedish OEM Volvo has highlighted its commitment to reducing the environmental damage caused by vehicle manufacturing as the Skövde engine production site in Sweden becomes the company’s first climate-neutral plant

A rather cyclical future....
A rather cyclical future….

Despite society’s fervent march toward an all-electric future, Graham Johnson ponders whether ill-advised political decisions mean the environment will be no closer to being saved

Just one more won't hurt...
Just one more won’t hurt…

Many moons ago now, I sat at a table overlooking a lake in Austria. We’d just finished driving a Lexus LS something or other and the head of transmissions was regaling us with stories of his breakthrough 8-speed auto. This was, of course, back in the days when six cogs was all the rage and ZF ruled the roost.

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