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Lucid Air prototype testing


With 1,000hp and up to 400 miles driving range, the Lucid Air is one of the most exciting EC developments of the year so far. Watch here the prototype being tested earlier this year.

Audi Q8 concept


As Audi gets ready to launch the Q8 PHEV production model, here's a detailed under-the-skin look into its 330kW, 700Nm, 1,000km driving range powertrain.

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Weekly Poll

Is effective after treatment the key to sustaining the life of the IC engine?

Yes - The IC engine will always produce and emit harmful gasses. Catching and treating these effectively is key
No - There are other areas of the engine that will yield more effective reductions in tailpipe emissions

Recent Polls

  • Following on from Graham Johnson's column in the latest issue of Engine Technology International (click here), do you think that CO2 emissions are the right focus for the automotive industry?
  • As part of its future powertrain plans, Mercedes-Benz is set to extend its gasoline particulate filter (GPF) technology across a wider range of engines. Will GPF technology be adopted as broadly amongst OEMs as DPF technology?
  • Should global governments be doing more to help OEMs and Tier suppliers achieve the targets that they have set?"
  • Is the UK's decision to leave the European Union likely to have a detrimental effect on investment in UK automotive R&D from multi-national and overseas companies?
  • With advancements in turbocharger technology over the past decade, is the supercharger dead?
  • As research into and development of synthetic fuels matures, will the eventual death of the IC engine be delayed?
  • Do legislative restraints imposed on passenger vehicles mean that diesel technology will likely only be for off-road and heavy-duty applications in the future?
  • Will the last naturally aspirated, IC passenger car engine be produced within the next decade?
  • Will the findings of Nissan's study, which says EV charging points will outnumber fuel stations in the UK by 2020, be reflected globally in the same time frame?
  • As simulation software increases in accuracy, and quality, are traditional 'real-world' test methods slowly becoming obsolete?
  • In light of Infiniti's variable-compression ratio breakthrough, will this be the key IC engine technology development for decades to come?
  • As ZF confirms its partnership with the Venturi race team, is Formula E set to become an important testbed for suppliers and OEMs, when it comes to e-powertrain innovations?
  • In the last two weeks, the automotive industry has seen two major developments toward improving the fuel efficiency and performance of IC engines. But which one gets your vote:
  • As Federal-Mogul Powertrain announces new materials to deal with increased combustion pressure, are metallurgical advances key to providing continual gains in engine design?
  • Is BMW's all-new quad diesel engine one turbo too many? 
  • Some countries are looking to ban the diesel IC engine by 2025. Do you agree with this legislation?
  • As Bentley announces its first diesel engine, is it time for all car makers to embrace state of the art TDI technology?
  • Do hydrogen fuel cells make more sense for commercial and off-road applications than passenger vehicles?
  • Is the disparity between real world and lab-based emissions testing proof that OEMs and engineers should be consulted and more involved by law makers, early in the legislative process? 
  • Are Renault late to a party that's already ended, with the introduction of an all-new diesel hybrid powertrain - co-developed with Continental, or will the mild 48V system kick start this section of the industry??
  • As a US judge approves a US$14.7bn settlement for VW and its diesel emissions scandal, is this a justifiable figure? 
  • Over its 130 year history, which is the most important IC engine development?
  • With the advancement of GDI technology along with BEVs and FCEVs development, are bio-fuel engines and technology finished? 
  • Do hybrids still have a purpose in future mobility, or has the rapid advancement of technologies for both EV and IC applications rendered the 'middle-step' irrelevant, other than for company car tax purposes?
  • With this in mind, will advances in EV technologies force a major rethink in car architecture and packaging?
  • Is the inclusion of cylinder deactivation on Ford's 1.0-liter, three cylinder engine a case of 'technology for technologies sake'?
  • Does diesel have a shelf life in mass-market passenger vehicles beyond nine years?
  • With several new diesel engines unveiled at Detroit, have the implications of 'Dieselgate' been grossly over exaggerated by mainstream media, and will the fuel source remain in circulation for the foreseeable?
  • The United Kingdom is to introduce a new vehicle excise duty later this year, which will see hybrids reclassified the same as IC engined cars, with only full electric and hydrogen cars exempt. In your opinion, is this fair?
  • As McLaren and Ricardo celebrate the 10,000th M838T 3.8-liter engine being made, is the use of a singular bespoke, yet flexible, engine the correct way to go for smaller OEMs with limited production runs?
  • GM and Honda have begun a joint venture that will ultimately see the mass production of an advanced hydrogen fuel cell system to be used in their future products. Does this signal that this fuel source still has a future in the industry?
  • As VW introduces an all-new 1.5-liter TSI engine to eventually replace the current 1.4-liter motor, has the downsizing trend peaked?
  • As the automotive world readies itself for the introduction of WLTP later in 2017, and RDE standards in 2020, will MPG testing ever be 100% accurate?
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    Engines on test: Volkswagen 1.0-liter TSI
    Since its launch, there have been numerous calls for VW's slick city car, the Up!, to gain a turbocharger. Now that it has, we find out whether it's been worth the wait
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    Measuring pressure during engine development
    FPT Motorenforschung, a Swiss manufacturer of engines for commercial vehicles, construction equipment and agricultural machinery, uses Keller’s M5 pressure transmitters in its test benches to achieve reliable, precise measurement results
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    Engines on test: Hyundai-Kia G3LC-6iL
    At the center of the all-new Kia Rio, the all-aluminum three-cylinder TGDi unit uses a host of the latest technologies such as integrated turbocharger and manifold, variable valve timing and laser-drilled injectors to boost power, refinement and efficiency over the outgoing 1.4-liter engine
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    فروشگاه اینترنتی فروشگاه اینترنتی فروشگاه اینترنتی دانلود فیلم شعر فال حافظ کانال تلگرام چت روم کانال تلگرام دانلود فیلم چت روم بی بی سی فارسی من و تو فروشگاه اینترنتی فروشگاه اینترنتی کانال تلگرام چت روم لز خبر download youtube عکس های لو رفته کانال تلگرام گروه تلگرام کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال تلگرام کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال تلگرام کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 در تلگرام کانال سوپر کده تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18 کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 در تلگرام کانال سوپر کده تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18 Google کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 در تلگرام کانال سوپر کده تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18 کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 در تلگرام کانال تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18 کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 تلگرام کانال سوپر کده تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18 کانال تلگرام لوتی کانال سک30در تلگرام کانال سک30 در تلگرام کانال سوپر کده تلگرام کانال تلگرام خفن کانال تلگرام +18

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